Privacy - Policy

Attitude By SR , takes the privacy of its each and every client seriously and that’s why we follow certain principles in order to protect and respect, the privacy of our patrons.

  • At the time of availing the beauty service of this salon, you may share some of your personal information such as your name, address, telephone/mobile number, age, e-mail id, etc. we ensure our patrons that these personal information are kept secure by the salon.
  • This beauty salon always uses personal information of our patrons in the most fair, trustful and worthy way.
  • We are always transparent about the personal information which our patron render to us and may inform you about why we need that information and what will we do with it.
  • We make sure to protect your information in every possible way and restrict it from any kind of misuse.
  • However, in the age of day-by-day advancement of technology, this website could be vulnerable to hacking, virus attacks which may harm your personal information, but every caution step is taken by us in order to secure valuable information of our patrons.