Male Services

Gel Styling
Beard Shaving
Gel Shaving
Hair Cut
Advanced Haircut
Baby (Boy) Haircut
Hair Wash
Hair Conditioning
Combo Pack
Blow Dryer Styling
Hair Spa Basic
Treatment Spa
Hair Color
Ammonia Free Hair Color
Highlighting Per Streak
Frosting Cap Highlighting
Hair Straighting
Hair Smoothing
Hair Rebonding
Male Services
Straight Therapy

Female Services

  • Threading
    Upper Lip
    Eye Brow
    Side Locks
    Full Face
  • Body Polishing
    Fruit Polishing
    D-Tan Polishing
    Crystal Polishing
    SR Special Polishing
  • Clean Up
    Fruit Clean Up
    De-Tan Clean Up
    Lotus Clean Up
    Acne Clean Up
    Whitening Clean Up
    O3+ Clean Up
  • Basic Facial
    Fruit Facial
    Silver Facial
    Pearl Facial
    Glow Facial
    Gold Facial
    D-Tan Facial
    Diamond Facial
  • Advance Facial
    Rejuvenating Facial
    Hydra Nourish
    Glow Dermie
    Insta Fair
    Gold Sheen Facial
    4 Layer Facial
    4 Layer anti Ageing
    Preservita Facial
  • Organic Facial
    Premium Face Cleansing Mask
    Protein Facial
    O3+ Seaweed Facial
    O3+ Vitamin Fairness Facial
    O3+ Rejuvinating Facial
    Skin Polishing Facial
    Diamond Luxury Facial
    Dermal Zone Facial
  • Face Packs / Masks
    Fruit Pack
    Protein Pack
    Glow Pack
    Top-Up Mask
    Treatment Mask
    Veg Peel + Pack
    D-Tan Pack
  • Skin Treatment
    Acne Treatment
    Skin Lightning Treatment
    Anti - Ageing Treatment
    D-Tan Treatment
    Pigmentation Treatment
  • Waxing (Sugar Wax / Red/Rica)
    Upper Lip
    Side Locks
    Full Face
    Under Arms
    Half Hand
    Full Hand
    Half Legs
    Full Legs
    Full Front
    Full Back
    Full Body
  • Oil Massage (Full Body)
    Basic Oil Massage
    Balinese Massage
    Swedish Massage
    Aroma Therapy
    Thai Massage
  • Body Wraps
    Oriental Body Glow
    Citrus Punch
    Coffee Breather
    Tamarind D-Tan
  • Manicure
    Nail Cut & File
    Nail Paint Change
    Extra Pack Application Chargies
    Regualar Manicure
    French Manicure
    Adv- Manicure
    Lotus- Manicure
    SR Special Manicure
  • Nail Art
    Casual Nail Art
    Advance Nail Art
    In Fashion Nail Art
  • Pedicure
    Nail Cut & File
    Nail Paint Charge
    Extra Pack Charge Pack Application
    Regular Pedcure
    French Pedicure
    Adv Pedicure
    Lotus pedicure
    SR Special pedicure
  • Bleach (Fruit / Gold / Diamond / Oxy)
    Face & Neck
    Bloyse Line
    Half Back
    Full Front
    Half Hand
    Full Hand
    Half Legs
    Full Legs
    Full Body
  • Head Massage
    Coconut Oil
    Almond Oil
    Mint Oil
    Olive Oil
    Aroma Oil
    SR Special Massage + Pack
  • Hair Spa + Treatments
    Hair Spa Basic
    HairFall Control
    Anti Dandruff
    Dry Scalp Therapy
    Dry & Damage Hair
    Hair Polishing
    Protein Hair Spa
  • Colour + Fashion Lights
    Highlights Per Streak
    Root Touch-Up
    Ammonia Free Touch-Up
    Global Hair Colouring
    Ammonia Free Global Colour
  • Straight Styling / Curls
    Hair Smoothing
    Hair Perming
    Hair Rebonding
    Straight Therapy
  • Haircuts/ Shampoo/ Blowdry
    Baby (Girl) Hair Cut
    Refresh Haircut
    Straight Blowdry
    Cut According Blowdry
  • Hair Styling
    Hair Buns
    Funky Hair Do

Make Up Services

Party Make Up
With Kryolan
Paty Make Up With M.A.C.
Engagement Make Up
With Kryolan
Engagement Make Up With M.A.C.
Reception Make Up
With Kryolan
Reception Make Up With M.A.C.
Bridal Make Up
With Kryolan
Bridal Make Up With M.A.C.